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Go Green Care Centre

Why Rehab Centre ?
Rehabilitation centre for drugs and alcohol in Chennai. Worried for your loved ones? One place for this problem is here in your city Chennai. Yes, you heard it right! Every person has a right to live healthy relationship in life but need to give them a second chance. Life is a precious gift of God so let’s not waste it. If a person has a background of drugs or he was into Alcoholism then we have a great place for you ‘Rehabilitation Centre’ which provides the patient intensive care and environment with excellent medical help so that the person suffering from this disorder totally withdraw him or herself from all this and will be a new person. This Rehabilitation centre for drugs and Alcohol has the best of the facilities and faculties which caters all kinds of people in and around the country. Specialized Doctors, Caretakers, Psychologists are the USP of Go Green Care Centre. They will make the patient relax, calm and quite by involving them into various activities like Yoga, Meditation, Chanting, Motivational talks and Medical Seminars. We work as team with Holistic approach and growth of the patient and long term recovery. The expertise’s help the patient in boosting the moral, which turns the life of the patient into heaven.

Why Go Green Care Centre?
In our centre main concern is to make the patient comfortable in the environment because it is new and different from their daily life. We provide safe and secure treatment which will improve the patient’s self-confidence and willpower to fight against the odds of life. We work on every aspects of one’s personality through various programmes like exercise, balanced diet chart, nutritious supplements, meditation to enhance their skills of controlling one self. Permanent Psychologist observes and gives advice to the patient so that he /she can work upon, also various mindful techniques/games and exercise is being practiced to train the mind for being aware of the environment.

Is Go Green Care Centre Safe?
Yes without any doubt, patient is treated with outmost care and with healing hands. We provide full report of what medical treatment is the patient undergoing. Medical professional will give the correct diagnosis of the patient’s before starting any type of treatment.

We cater the need of individual and design our programme accordingly, weather the patient is diagnosed with mental illness or patient has some kind of personality disorder. Each and every programme is unique and has its own advantages, which reflects on the patient because our team believes in long term recovery of the patient. The identity and records of the patient is not being revealed anywhere. Time to time various counselling sessions are being organised for the patients to heal the pain, to gather the patients confidence, to listen his /her inner voice and try to untangled the life and boost the moral of the patient by showing affirmation to him/her. Our main target is to stable the patient Physically, Emotionally, Socially and Spiritually. Our faculty is trained time to time through various workshops; also the counsellor’s team meet various psychologists to discuss difficult cases to give best input in the patient’s progress. The empathy and healing touch we give to the patient is magical, when he /she enters the Rehab Centre the patient could feel the positivity of the place and people.

Go Green Care Centre Pozhichalur


It is a relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use.

Identify an Addict?

To identify addict, we should pay attention to that person's mental and physical health.


They are specialized in psychiatric disorders, which is a part of addiction treatment.


This will restore a person to health or normal life through strict Training and Therapy.

Yoga Rehabitation

Use of yoga for Rehabilitation. It will improve everyone’s mental ability and social skills.

General Treatments

All kind of General Treatments to cure addiction are available in Go Green de- addiction Centre.